How to make archery targets

This page will show you how to make archery targets out of different materials.

homemade archery target

The picture above is a good example of a compression device. Note the threaded rods on both sides of the target material, you add compression by tightening the nuts on the top.

Notice how it uses a multi-layered foam for target material. It could also be used to compress cardboard or bales of straw, which works better then bales of hay.

target press plans thumbnail
Click on the thumbnail above to download free plans for a target press. Adobe reader is required to download plans. Click here for FREE Adobe download

An inexpensive and easy target can be made out of burlap or nylon feed bags. You stuff the bags with anything from strips of old carpet to cloth rags.

Some other stuffing material would be foam from old furniture padding or the cotton from a mattress, cardboard strips and even plastic either bags or sheets. The trick is to stuff the material tightly and double bag it.

Then hang the stuffed bag from either a tree or a wooden frame that you can make out of 2x4's.

This type of target may not last forever, but with it's low cost and the ease of fixing it, you just re-stuff it, if your on a budget you can't beat it.

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